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February 2018
Compulsive Traveler

On The Lincoln Trail

The site is a reconstruction of the village where Lincoln spent his early adulthood years. It was here that he clerked in a store, split rails, enlisted in the Black Hawk War, served as postmaster, and failed at several businesses before being elected to the Illinois General Assembly.

November 2017
Laverne's View

There’s No Place Like It

“Sweetheart,” I said, “Do you remember our beautiful, renovated kitchen, with every modern convenience? If so, then you must certainly know I’ve never been in it. So, why would I enjoy cooking on vacation, in a small box on wheels?”

The Tenacious Traveler

Travel the World in Just One U.S. Neighborhood

For many visitors, the greatest appeal is that Queens is the most ethnically diverse county in the United States. More than half of its residents were born outside the U.S., immigrated from over 120 counties and speak some 135 languages.

Compulsive Traveler

Quebec City – The Heart and Soul of French Canada

Montmorency Falls, which is higher than Niagara Falls, is often included in a Quebec City tour. There is a cable car ride to the top and viewing platforms.

October 2017
The Tenacious Traveler

Doesn’t Have to Be Halloween to See Monsters

In keeping with the frightening aspect of Halloween, let’s check out cryptids that are said to have had a taste for human flesh. In the traditions of New Zealand’s native Maori people, the violent Maero fiends devoured their prey after killing them with long, sharp fingernails.

Compulsive Traveler

Step into the Past

Some sites are so puzzling that some people believe they were created by aliens. Such is the case with the Nazca Lines south of Lima, Peru, where there are over 800 straight lines, 300 geometric figures and 70 animal and plant designs that are only visible from the air.

September 2017
The Tenacious Traveler

Venice – A Floating Jewel of a City Not to Be Missed

From that humble beginning grew one of the wealthiest, most refined cities in the then-known world. Those who travel to Venice today see it much as it has looked over centuries. The city’s physical layout, occupying nearly 120 small islands, is its most famous attraction.

Just Sayin’

It Truly Was a Perfect Family Vacation

It was to be a special trip celebrating family and I wanted it to be perfect. I am bad about that. I want it so perfect for folks that I forget I am dealing with others who have their own idea of perfect.

Compulsive Traveler

Exploring Cincinnati – The Queen City on the Ohio

Smale Riverfront Park with P&G Go Vibrantscape is a unique multimedia play area that causes people to exercise without knowing it.

August 2017
The Tenacious Traveler

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Appeals to Almost Every Taste

Richard Burton starred in the movie and Elizabeth Taylor, with whom he was having an extramarital affair, accompanied him to the location...PV suddenly became world famous. It soon blossomed into a popular vacation destination different from other resort towns in Mexico that were created specifically to cater to tourists. 

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